We are able to deal with all orders and inquiries from 0 to 24 hours a day. In case our dear customer has any question about our stock and parts availability feel free to call us. We are also able to deliver parts immediately from our main warehouse to anywhere in Hungary, even to neighbouring countries as well.


Normally we give 12 months warranty for all our products, in case of any malfunction, we make the immediate investigation of the part in our main warehouse, and make the decision with the maximal favor for our dear customers.

Technical support

For those dear customers of ours who are able to repair the new spare parts workmanlike, we are happy to help with any manufacturers instructions, technical drawings, service informartion. Our collegaues experience and preparedness is 100% from 0 to 24 a day.


We are clearly aware of the situation that one of the main factor in our parts is the price. The main factor for us is always to sell the most safe and best quality parts on the best possible price. We would like to help our customers with our parts, and want them to deal once with one problem for a long term.