About us

Our business started in Kecskemét – at the center territory of Hungary at the beginning of year 2017. Our main profile is the wholesale and retail trade of truck and trailer parts. There are many years of professional knowledge and qualifications behind our colleagues who are working 24 hours a day to make the orders exactly and precisely. Whether it is any type of truck or trailer, our colleagues offer you an instant quote, and from our flexible delivery methods you can choose how you would like to get the requested part.We consider our Clients' maximum comfort, we understand that prompt replacement of defective parts is extremely important, we do our best to be happy with our services, including instant home delivery, professional information and experience transfer. We have national and international supplier relations, we do not know impossible to solve problems. With the continuous expansion of our inventory, we get the requested part immediately if it is not in stock, our supplier network has the most up-to- date logistics. Find our colleagues with confidence!

Milán Ugrik

Milán Ugrik


Selling, quoting, purchasing, technical assistance, import, export